Seminar on Singapore's new Cybersecurity Act - by ISOC.SG and NTUC

Singapore’s new Cybersecurity Act will be in place by end 2017, and will lay the groundwork for world class cybersecurity practices to overcome emerging threats in cyberspace. The Act seeks to minimize disruption to essential services and to professionalize the cybersecurity industry. The stakes are high. The draft Bill has been released for public consultation, and this is your opportunity to help shape a law that touches every business in Singapore.
Come to the session to
* Familiarize yourself with key aspects of the new legislation and find out how it will affect you and your organization.
* Discuss and give feedback on the draft Cybersecurity Bill, to be included in our Public Consultation Paper.
Friday 28 July 2017,
6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
NTUC Centre (One Marina Boulevard) Level 7, Room 701
To register, contact Admission is free but registration is required.


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