Did the Internet help opposition parties in General Election 2015? (Research Report)

Does the Internet help the opposition parties in Singapore overcome structural disadvantages offline, or does it replicate the dominance of the ruling party? These researchers from Institute of Policy Studies assessed five political parties according to how well they use their websites and Facebook during the 2015 general election (GE15), and presented their findings at the AGM of the Internet Society Singapore Chapter


  1. A good narrative, well doneπŸ‘πŸ½ Wished the study covered 4 GEs instead of 2 , Coz there was a general feeling that PAP was playing "catchup" on social media on the lead up to 2011 GE! There seem to be a panick learning among the MPs (maybe should study when each of MP started their social media account) ? Twitter is used in other studies on amount of "chatter" but not in this case. Agree on the sentiment and conclusion that "chatter" on social media does not really lead to votes as most had made up their mind who to vote! But non of the parties are ready to drop activity on social media even if this study shows no correlation? Why ? Something else is underlying and moving ? Was something missed in this study ? Was it more of "mobile connectivity" that influenced the chatter rather than the Internet ? Should the parties focus on mobile connectivity for the next election (Pokemon Go is an example) ? Last 4 years has been a tremendous growth in mobile connectivity, but that is slowing down, it has reached a peak... Another study maybe ? I am doing one on mobile connectivity used in institutes of higher learning ... Maybe more can be done ? Good Luck and thank you πŸ™πŸ½

    1. Many thanks for the detailed and helpful comments. I believe the researchers will be exploring some of these avenues for future research.


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