Redefining Trust for Stability in the International Cyber Domain (notes from #cyberweek2016)

William Saito, Special Advisor to Government of Japan

  • Internet + Security = business
  • Its not ICT that drives security, but vice versa
  • The Internet grew because in 1995 SSL was launched and 2000 RSA became open source
  • If there is no security then there is no Internet growth
  • Non state actors have upturned the rules and are not rational. 
  • NATO has just recognized cyber as a domain like air sea and land
  • It has grown beyond script kiddies
  • There is no such thing as 100 per cent, failure is normal
  • Its important to have resilience - ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change
  • Very difficult for people to comprehend resilience if they are going for perfection
  • We prepared for Y2K 
  • Competitiveness is linked to ICT

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