Sherrie Lee on Using, Enhancing and Attributing Images from the Internet

Using, Enhancing & Attributing Images from the Internet - An excellent presentation by Sherrie Lee , Lecturer, Business Communications | Master of Arts in Teaching (TESOL) at Temasek Polytechnic. This is specially useful for educators, presenters, and anyone intending to use images found online.
I was privileged to be invited to attend this as a consultant on intellectual property issues.

Using, Enhancing & Attributing Images from the Internet from Sherrie Lee
This is the video from the workshop - parts 1 and 2

About Sherrie: Sherrie Lee was a lecturer at a polytechnic in Singapore and is now based in New Zealand pursuing her PhD. She taught post-secondary students Academic English & Business Communications, and was equally involved in designing curriculum for both students and adult learners. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching (TESOL) from the University of Southern California. Her research interests include learner identity, multiliteracies and educational technology. With more than 6 years of experience in teaching English in Singapore and China, Sherrie continually hones her skills in designing, implementing and adapting lessons to diverse group of learners. She is tech-savvy in teaching, communicating and professional development. Her website is


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